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The ZORB 614 Story:

In the late 80’s UK based companies realised the important role that Natural Wetlands play in the environment. At that stage almost of the Oil Absorbents available in the market was either Peat or Clay based. Concern was raised as these products are harvested from Natural Wetlands and the manufacturing process had a negative impact on the environment.

We were contacted by a major environmental company to assist them in developing an alternative product to replace their range of clay granules and Peat based products.

As the mining activities in the manufacturing process of these products pose a threat to our delicate environment, it only made sense that it is our duty to develop alternative products.

The challenge was to develop a product that is manufactured from a renewable source that has no impact on the environment. The product must ideally be manufactured from a renewable or recycled source.

Ideally the product should have had the following properties:

    • 100 %Organic, Hydrophobic
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • Good absorption qualities,
    • Fibrous
    • Non-leaching capabilities
    • Bioremediation qualities
    • Produced from a renewable resource

    ZORB 614 is the result of intensive and continuous research and development.

    The manufacturing process of ZORB 614 has no impact on the environment as the raw products used harvested from a renewable source that will not harm or pose any thread to the environment. ZORB 614 is thus the ideal answer to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

    What is Zorb 614?

    ZORB 614 is a 100% organic blend of harvested softwood waste products; Produced from the vast commercial plantations in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

    ZORB 614 is derived from a 100% renewable source with no impact on the environment. The end product is guaranteed to be a naturally waste product, providing a truly environmentally sound raw material for this High Grade Absorbent.


    Our controlled milling methods provide a combination of smaller particles, which give rise to the high absorption surface area and more fibrous particles, which bind the product together, particularly in the presence of liquid waste.

    As a result of the unique structure and properties of ZORB 614 it retains hydrocarbons even in extreme leach conditions, unlike many other products, which tend to desorbs under pressure or in aqueous environments.


    ZORB’s astonishing affinity for oily (Oleomorphic) substance is further enhanced by the micro porous structure of the raw material and the presence of trace amounts of natural resins.

    ZORB has been tested by Geochem (UK) for persistent organic pollutants (POP) like pesticides and herbicides as well as silica dust and other potential health threatening compounds. None of these compounds of concern have been found at detectable concentrations.

    ZORB can be applied on dry as well as wet surfaces and its oillomorphic and hydrophobic properties ensures maximum separation of suspended oils from watery wastes. Its high affinity for non-polar substances like hydrocarbons combined with its fibrous structure ensures maximum absorbance with minimal leaching. Leach Tests showed that Zorb 614 contained 99.8% of the absorbed oil under extreme pressure applied.

Our Mission and Vision:

" Our mission is to develop, manufacture and supply 100% organic and 100% biodegradable oil absorbents to the industry, manufactured from a renewable source."

"To introduce the best available products through continuous market research and product development."

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