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The Empowerment of our People

The production plant is based in a remote rural area in Kwazulu Natal with abnormal high unemployment.

Our mission is to empower the previously disadvantaged people, living in this area by creating job opportunities, provide basic training and in the process uplift the community in this poor and remote area.

The manufacturing process is a very labour intensive operation. The harvesting of the raw products, the manufacturing and packaging is all done by hand. The plant secures an income for 53 people.

Should we need to increase production, all we need to do is to employ more people as the manufacturing process is completely done by hand.

Most of the people have no or little schooling or skills.  There are basically no work opportunities in the area as it is very remote and far from civilization. There is no infrastructure like electricity water and sanitation.

The people are trained in all aspects of the manufacturing process like operating machines, driving, as well as the various aspects of operating and maintaining the production line and equipment.

This training in basic skills and experience gives them the opportunity to apply for work elsewhere should they wish to empower themselves building them a better life.


Unemployment is a huge problem in the area and there are very little employment opportunities available. Transport is also not freely available. The plantations cover a vast area and it is very far from work.  As the factory cannot give every person employment and transport, we need to encourage Entrepreneurship.

This is done by giving them opportunities to harvest the raw products in the plantations we need for the manufacturing. We then buy and collect the materials from them and transport it to the It is also impossible to give everyone employment.


With money flowing into the area and with all the new job opportunities, some locals saw opportunity and became entrepreneurs themselves.

Many tuck shops opened in the area, offering basic goods to the community. This made a huge difference to the community as they can buy it now locally. They used to travel many miles to the nearest village just to buy their daily, basic needs, goods other people take for granted. The transport used to cost them more than the goods itself and they just couldn’t afford it.


This way the money is recycled back into the community, building a small economy within the area, keeping the money in the community, steady empowering themselves

Our Mission and Vision:

" Our mission is to develop, manufacture and supply 100% organic and 100% biodegradable oil absorbents to the industry, manufactured from a renewable source."

"To introduce the best available products through continuous market research and product development."

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